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Healing properties of mineral water "Kuyalnik" have been known since the ancient times. This natural water doesn’t undergo artificial processing and mineralization. Being far below the ground for a long period and gradually saturating with valuable minerals, it acquires its unique natural properties.

The prophylactic and therapeutic properties of mineral water "Kuyalnik" have been confirmed by the research of the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. High taste properties of water have been lauded and rewarded at international and domestic degustation competitions.

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Natural source

Mineral water "Kuyalnik" is extracted from the ancient Upper Sarmatian aquifer. Water passes through limestone rocks throughout a 300-kilometer path and is protected from surface water by a massive 12-meter layer of dense clay. This ensures the consistency of the natural chemical composition and the crystal clearness of this mineral water.

"Kuyalnik" refers to the group of medium-mineralized chloride-sodium table-curative waters of Mirgorod type. This water is saturated with minerals in a natural way. "Kuyalnik" has a stable natural chemical composition and a unique ratio of microelements. The total level of mineralization is from 3 to 4 grams per liter. The wells are located in the place where the water is poured into the bottles. This allows the manufacturer to preserve all healing properties and a real taste of water in its pristine condition.

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